Free AVG e-mail scanner incompatible with cpf? [RESOLVED]

I’m a long time ZA user but it was getting kind of resource hungry so I am trying CPF. First impression is terrific! But . . . if my free AVG email scanner plug-in is activated (which I think I want it to be) it hangs when Thunderbird attempts to log in to my POP server. If I deactivate the email scanner plug-in, all is well. Or, if I allow all traffic in CPF, then all is well. I have the AVG and Thunderbird application monitors set in CPF to allow all activities, including invisible connections, but no joy. Ideas? Thanks.

Hi Jim,

I’ve had EXACTLY the same issue (AVG, TBird and email scanning deactiviated) since installing CPF. When I contacted their (Comodo) support, I received an email that said that there would be an update by the end of the month to correct the issue. I first reported it on April 10.

Their tech support has been absolutely brilliant so far - one of the best I’ve come across, so I’m hopeful that they will be able to keep to their estimated delivery. Please bear in mind, that estimates are just that, and all sorts of things can happen in software development. Hopefully they’ll send an update advice to users when the patch is released.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

There should be an update after April 20th. The automatic update checker will check for this update.

This includes some fixes and improvements.


Thanks, guys, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I look forward to the update, but as I said, CPF so far looks really terrific.


CPF offered an update today and I installed it hoping that it would solve the AVG email scanner conflict, but it apparently did not.

Also, I started another topic because following the update my systray is empty except for the CPF icon. The more things improve the more problems they cause. I still really like CPF, and I’m betting this is a fixable issue.

I think the update was for “Launch Pad” only and not CPF. Have you tried disabling the launch pad in MSconfig ?

(Click start then run. Type MSCONFIG and click o.k.
Click the “Startup” tab and untick “CLPTray”
Click O.K., then reoot. You can always reverse this by reinserting the tick on CLPTray)

Yes, the update was for launch pad only.

However, I think disabling the lunch pad will stop comodo firewall from starting.


This issue is resolved by selecting ‘skip advanced security checks’ for AVGEMC.exe in application monitor (select AVGEMC.exe>>choose edit>>miscellaneous>>tick 'skip advanced security checks>>click OK).