Free AntiVirus - the answer ?

Is Free Antivirus the answer to solving malware problem?

What else do we need?

opinions welcome


I believe in the three layers you often write; Prevention, Detection, Cure.

  • Education, as mentioned in someone’s post yesterday, I think. Perhaps Comodo could compile a very simple document, attached to your software? A document that it gives the users basic advice, as well as more advanced tips, in terms of computer usage? Many people are educated via this forum (which is great), but not everyone who downloads Comodo software comes here, I think we have to educate them too. In addition to a document, how about a “tip of the day” not only in the CPF interface, but also in the system tray? Like the Windows Update alerts you? So people really sees it.

  • Safer browsing, I’ve recently discovered the fantastic advantages of blocking scripts.

Good point!

maybe specially javascripts which do sometimes annoying things.
I mean not only disable js because some webpages won’t work if js is disabled especially buttons.
Sorry it’s not my favorite area.
Just a thought.


In a word ‘NO’.

However Comodo and a couple of other companies are offering really good free products. I have not used CAVS for a while because of issues but will try again when out of Beta, but the way Comodo are progressing with AV, AS and HIPS would be a powerful product when integrated.

The closet free comparison is probably Avira but if Comodo continue development they may be better than Avira next year.

i think one of the biggest problems to newbies to get into Comodo is the HIPS. it gets annoying because there’s so many HIPS anouncements for everything you try to do. at least with a firewall, you are likely to permit the application not just the process when you try to update something, run a browser etc. with HIPS it’s not that way which is good for unwanted things but bad for things you want to do and know what you’re doing. maybe there isnt a way around this but i think that’s the biggest issue.

but all this said, i love comodo and continue to run the firewall, antiviruspyware and boclean. great job everyone involved!

Matt Segstro