Free Antivirus League

There is a test going on Youtube as Free Antivirus League. 12 Free AV’s. Randomly 2 selected & 6 pairs. This first test was link based i.e malware links were pasted in the browser. The winners of this quarter final entered in the semi final.

The semi final was done with already downloaded & saved copy of malware. The winners of the semifinal entered in the final. The final is yet to be done.

Products entered in the final are Comodo, Avira & PandaCloud.


Hope Comodo will win! Can you post the YouTube video link here?

There’s 8-10 tests. Just search Free Antivirus League in Youtube & you will get all the tests. The tester’s name is Ilkerol1986.


Naren, thanks for the info.

Finals posted. He mentioned you decide who won. Search in youtube with Finals of free antivirus league.


youtube link for semifinal - YouTube

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Winner Of The Free Antivirus League


yeah comodo won :viva:


Comodo still needs to improve its Defence+ and Sandboxing (CNY)

and default settings should also be set in such a way that normal users can install and forget and comodo do the rest which is always the best (CWY)


Yeah comodo won but provide some protection for trojan Ransom / LockEmAll threats. comodo is weak with these type of threats.

Hello everybody!

I am the guy who did the tests. I want to thank Naren first for recommending my channel and the others who watched the videos.

This is link of my channel, you are all welcome: ilker erol - YouTube

I will give you link of the other tests about Comodo

Comodo Firewall 5.5 Test: - YouTube

Comodo Firewall 5.5 Re-Test: - YouTube

Comodo Firewall 5.5 Re-Re-Test: - YouTube

COMBO - Comodo Int. Sec. + Immunet 3.0 part 1: - YouTube

COMBO - Comodo Int. Sec. + Immunet 3.0 part 2: - YouTube

COMBO - Comodo Int. Sec. + Immunet 3.0 part 3: - YouTube

COMBO - Comodo + Immunet [ UPDATE ]: - YouTube

Hello ilkerol! Thanks for the post. I’m happy to see you here, with us.

Thank you Dacia, greetings from Turkey!