Free Anti-Spam Software / Plug-ins [RESOLVED]

While I’m waiting for further development of Comodo Anti-Spam does anyone have any good suggestions for me?

I have about 14 pop3 email addresses that all with the exception of 1 come through into the same Outlook 2003 profile. I’ve noticed recently that I have been getting more and more spam though admittedly most of them are going to the Junk Email folder. Is there a good FREE solution to protecting me against spam?

My email provider does have it’s own spam filter but I find that in order to retrieve or check these messages which I get an email listing of (about once a day), I have to log into that account online in order to move the ones that aren’t junk into my inbox and then run the send and receive. Very annoying!

I’m looking for a solution that works with multiple email addresses and filters the emails. I have looked somewhat at Popfile but think it’s a bit intimidating. I don’t want an anti-spam that sends out varification emails to all in sundry that I have previously written to. We’re talking hundreds of emails under each account.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.


I went with Comodo Anti-Spam in the end… One of the best security choises I’ve made.

I’ll close my own topic…