Free and Open Source

Hey guys good work. I am glad to see your ideas as a matter of fact it looks like Awiz or AlWIL is using your ideas as well.
Any how I support you in your effort and for those cry babies and people who want hand holding and the products to do everything for them go and get once care from windows and then come back really crying. There newest motto is to “catter to the uneducated home user” so no new advanced programs will be run as a matter of fact the move is on for everything to be live as in you have no control" I like free and open source since I am an open source person. Linux debian for my home server and a laptop my wife one of those helpless ones runs windows, I am always fixing it at least nightly. I have a workstation with two drives one with ubuntu desktop and the other with windows XP. I hope you guys go toward the open source comunity and I will as one buy your certs they are cheap and effective and if you run servers and hosting services you all know how important that is. Thanks again. Keep your chins up and your heads to the grind stones.
I will myself dedicate my web servers to running ads about your products if you want send a button or link info.