Free access to registry keys CIS!

We can execute regedit.exe (a trusted application in the CIS) and to obtain freely access the editing keys Windows Registry without blocking and pop-up messages HIPS:


In the same way we can get access to other important key CIS in the registry Windows!

Specified keys listed in the Protected registry keys Defense firewall.

Why they are not blocked from the changes in this case?

May need a lock to make changes to important registry keys are CIS?

CIS Premium 5.0.163652.1142
Safe Mode HIPS

Link to the issue under discussion in the Russian forum

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Russian Participants forum COMODO

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CIS is the nanny of program behaviour.It is not the nanny of user behaviour. CIS does not protect the user to mistakes the user may make.

But in 3 versions been blocked access to the keys CIS in the registry Windows? Why have abandoned this in the CIS 5?

Then how about the password of Parental control if it can be easily removed from the system registry?

What is the word - “protection” in the Protected registry keys if it so easy to get access?

Quote Help CIS 5:

[b]Protected Registry Keys[/b] Comodo Internet Security automatically protects system critical registry keys against modification. Irreversible damage can be caused to your system if important registry keys are corrupted or modified in any way . It is essential that your registry keys are protected against attack

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the best way to protection your security suite you have to add a password (not to long).


When the user starts regedit, through Explorer, there will be no notifications as it is user initiated. If a non trusted program starts regedit you will get alerted. CIS is the nanny of program behaviour. It does not protect the user from whatever decisions the user makes. It does not protect against user stupidity… :wink: :smiley: