Free 1 year Internet Security Pro 2011 free 1 yr. not free?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ursus. I was in the market for as new firewall/antivirus program and tried your product. I joined the forums while trying to find set up information and came across a post that had a link to a page offering a one year free subscription to Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011. It seemed like a good offer so I decided to try it. Everything was working fine until this PM when I went to get on my laptop. First there is a message that my subscription is up and I need to buy a renewal key. I went to go on line to talk with some one at Comodo, but my computer won’t connect to the internet. To make matters worse, there seems to be many programs/features disabled and/or un accessable (i.e; I am unable to open the window to configure my wireless adapter). So I guess my main question is… Why is my 1 year free subscription up in so short of time (about a month)? Also, if I decide to discontinue using comodo, do I have to uninstall it to get control of my computer back? I am currently using my GF’s computer to get on line. Thanks, Ursus.

do you use the features that are offered with the pro version (ie geekbuddy)? the pro version and free version of comodo internet security are the same except for these added on features, the security is the same