Frame Blocked


I’m trying to access the news section on Partclone website, which CD is denying (see link below). Is this correct or reported incorrectly?


Hi Graham1,

It looks to be a a problem on Partclone’s end. They have in their HTML to point to [ Partclone / News ] vs that of [ Partclone / News ]. I can see a problem with ComodoDragon that I am reporting as we speak. The error message should be a little bit clearer though.

Hi Sal

Thanks for replying :). Explaining the message in detail would be a great help :-TU. Maybe have a drop down option to explain in detail. A change in page colour might also help too (say orange) as red looks like it’s a serious problem.


Yes, I touched upon that it’s not all that user friendly in my request to the developers. I don’t think a change in page colour is needed. It got the error because it tried to use HTTPS vs. HTTP and some of the content is coming through unsecured means. CD didn’t allow the redirection from HTTPS to HTTP to take place BEFORE showing the error. Had it allowed the redirection the error page would not have been shown.