Fragmented IP datagrams

Hello folks. Forgive me if I am too dense to find this answer elsewhere. My search has been fruitless!

My subscription just ran out on Kerio so I thought I would try Comodo since so many people who use it love it and after spending last night reading these forums I figured the community can walk me through any issues I have (great people here, by the way).

Now, in the few hours I have been using CPF things are going well except for one thing. My Internet access was slowed down in both FireFox & IE. After a bit of tinkering I found I can bring speed back up to normal by going into Advanced Attack Detection and disabling, “Block fragment IP datagrams.”

Can someone explain this to me in Computers for Dummies terms? Comodo says, “This option must not be disabled unless necessary.” Now, I’m behind a router with a hardware firewall and I was under the impression that the firewall takes care of these types of fragments. However, when I read the Comodo help file that came with the program, it sounds like these fragments are actually caused by the router.

Things are going fantastic with this disabled but I do not want to create a security risk. If this isn’t necessary when behind a hardware firewall I would like to keep it disabled. I would appreciate some advice.

Thank you for allowing me to join this forum, and thanks to the folks at Comodo for giving me the opportunity to try out this software.

I have finally found the answer to this. Since I do have a router/hardware firewall fragmented IP datagrams are not a threat to my machine. Thanks anyway.