FP's Icesword - Wget

Pass = infected

FP on Icesword = Suspicious@#3bzlplocnk8gi
FP on wget = Malware@#png5v452v7ms

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Hello Ronny,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check them and get back to you soon.

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This is to inform you that false-positive with
(SHA1: <327dce52718a403e58190285af916a32bfde15cc>)
(SHA1: <3965ef4a7ee1bafed998cd8c1ac16bde2c4e643c>)
has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <10277> of Comodo Internet Security Version<5.5.195786.1383> and confirm it.

Best regards

Thanks, Fixed :-TU