this one this NOT in Comodo’s database. Please download it from VirusTotal, if you can’t and need to wait some time add it to pending list…anyway I’ll keep it bookmarked.


Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

Best regards

Hi spywar,

This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <17570> of Comodo Internet Security Version<6.0.260739.2674> and confirm it.

Best regards
Manikandan A

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I found it and I just fixed the VT Result :wink:

Not that important but thanks anyway. :wink:
Glad to see Comodo harvested the file from VT.

I just search the file name on Google ;D I think researchers did the same thing ;D