FP - VMWare dll - vminstutil-ApplicUnsaf.Win32.AdWare.cinmus.166 [at]108452018


Detected in and before DB12328

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Hi Ronny,

Thanks for reporting. We’ll check this.


Hello Ronny,

This False Positive has been fixed.You can update to AV database Version 12333 of Comodo Internet Security Version 5.10.228257.2253 and confirm it.

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Fixed :-TU

I installed VMWare player 5.0.1 five times on W7 and I keep getting this exact error.
So what is fixed ?
Have comodo AV updated to latest.

Please upload the file being detected to VirusTotal and post a link to the results.


I circumvented by disabling A/V then enabled after installing VMWare.

+1, Comodo prevents the installation of VMware workstation. We can’t upload the file because as soon as it’s quarantined, the installer fails, which automatically deletes all temporary installer files. The file is C:\Windows\Installer\MSI8A30.tmp.