A false posiive detection in SFTG

This program is detected in sucpicious malware by the behavior blocker

i don’t upload this program on virustotal because i don’t open in administrator(because comodo blocked this program)

I can be restored in the quarantaine

I submit in false positive

Without comodo active i can upload in virustotal
Comodo running i can’t upload

Hello lilidurhone,

Please submit the detected file using the following link:

Thank you!

Best regards,


I can restored again

Yes it’s upload for analyze


Your File was uploaded successfully and will shortly undergo analysis by Comodo technicians. Your valuable contribution will help improve the effectiveness of Comodo products and so help us in our mission to provide the very highest levels of security to users worldwide.

The FP is being fixed
Comodo don’t this program in quarantaine it’s good!

Thank you so much