FP scan result ?

Hi guys,
COMODO made me a complete system scan and the result is quite strange for me. At first, there are some virtumonde (I have reported a few of them and you answered they are really infected). But those files are all located in unused folders (like temp and restore directories). I also tried to make another scanners and virtumonde is not installed on my system, so I have no idea where are these files coming from.
Second, there are some lines I cannot understand at all:
Heur.Suspicious@55953705 D:\MSDN6.0\Disk 1\SAMPLES\MSDN\OFFICE97\5156\VIEWER.EXE
Heur.Suspicious@22454881 D:\MSDN6.0\Disk 1\SAMPLES\VS98\SAMPLEA\REMPACKA.EXE
Heur.Suspicious@22794719 K:\download\Chipset\Chipset\32bit\2003\SMBus\nvusmb.exe
Heur.Suspicious@22794719 C:\Chipset\32bit\2003\SMBus\nvusmb.exe
The first two belong to MSDN, the last two belong to an nvidia driver.

Altogether 34 threats reported, also a sis file found (Nokia S60 symbian platform executable)

At first it would be very nice to have a link or explanation on those lines, how serious is that and so on, but it is now not a wish (it is already on the wish-list), just a comment. The most important thing is that I have no idea right now if I can believe this report, CIF itself is good enough, or just annoying.


Hi pan,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you.



This is to inform you that reported false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <4341> of Comodo Internet Security
Version<4.0.135239.742> and confirm it.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.