FP - RevoUninstaller Portable

Strange behavior with Revo and the Sandbox. If I go to use Revo, it won’t open and a box comes up saying that I have to be the administrator (I am). If I try to add Revo to “My Own Safe Files”, it won’t add it saying that it is already a trusted file. If I run it and select to “Never sandbox this file again” through the pop-up, CIS adds it to “My Own Safe Files” (and it works properly). I’ve submitted the .exe file through the online submission form. If needed, I’ve attached a copy.

Revo v1.8.8

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thats weird I am using revo with no problems.

Maybe it’s a WinXP thing…? ???

Kudos, Comodo! The devs are on the ball! They’ve successfully fixed my problem with Revo. Great work, team! :-TU