FP reporting

Stan James Poker
CommonRes.dll (reported as Unclassified malware)

could not find CIS database number but last update was May 8th

Link to site where download occured

Poker game was download and when opened gives me the malware alerts

Any idea if I should accept the files as safe (the 3 files detected appear to be the same)


We cann’t visit the link “http://www.stanjames.com/poker/” .Can you zip the file and attach it to your post,or maybe you can provide the maleware’s details,for example the name…

sorry but did not know how to attach the file here on the post. I right clicked on the file and it asked me to send it to a zpped folder. could not copy and paste.

The file name is CommonRes.dll and for some reason it appears as 3 files but they all seen to have the same name and path. Also when i quarantine the file, the poker game does not load up. It is in the background, because when i try to play using the website version, it says it is already loaded, but i can not see it


i think i managed to find out how to attach the file. hopefully you will get it


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Mojoe_X,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.


have now also quarantined 2more files A0100366.dll and A0100370.dll both in c\system volume information\\ but can not access this directory or find the files

Read this Microsoft KB article on how to open System Restore Folders: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/309531/en-us .


with regard to my 2nd request of malware in the system folders, I tried everything in the list to access my system folder, including unhide restricted system folders with confirmation of yes, and also tried the calcs method changing driveletter to C and using my user name. However I still get ‘ccess denied’

I noticed on the web someone else has queried these files, and the listing showed many files as AdWare all beginnning with A, so I wonder if the files are to do with AdWare which i don’t use bit did download
They are both quarantined to date and have not noticed any problems yet

once again thanks for helping

This false-positive has been fixed. Please check in virus signature database 1160
Thanks and Regards

thanks for your help