FP regressions : bsectexp.exe and uninstall.exe from JKdefragGUI VSDV7777

Hi guys,

It looks like you have some regressions in your VSDV7777 database :wink:

bsectexp.exe Heur.Packed.Unknown@-1

bsectexp.exe is the boot_sector_explorer from DiamondCS ( it was a FP long ago )

Here is a quote from the readme.txt in the bsectexp.zip

Almost all scanners detect that wrongly. That file is as much as dangerous as flyshit on your office desk. It's packed with a PRIVATE(!) version of Pec2 (Bitsum) hence a lot of "incorrect" heuristic detections, especially because the file is also small and makes some "strange" registry activity. However, the registry activity is based on the way how wayne reads/accesses the bootsector. Via Registry physicaldevice. Nothing wrong with that.

( from DiamondCS | Page 12 | Wilders Security Forums)


C:\Program Files\JkDefragGUI\Uninstall.exe TrojWare.Win32.PkdKlone.~d3@97185679

Same goes with the uninstall.exe from JKdefragGUI wich is regulary flagged by many updates.

Thanks for your hard work.


Thank you for reporting this. We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

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Hi Regression,

This FP has been fixed. You can confirm this with DB 7781.