FP or or concern?

New scan from last night came up with the following 2 results:



The first is a Heur.Suspicious@24360871
The second is Unclassifiedmalware@8338220

Any help is appreciated.

the only thing I found on the internet for A0133890.dll

A quote from this site below


C:\System Volume Information_restore{58E8BEBA-26A4-45ED-9D92-ED376219F13B}\RP519\A0133835.dll
[DETECTION] Contains detection pattern of the rootkit RKIT/Agent.VN

I doesn’t say it’s a rootkit, I just says it detects a pattern.
maybe try deleting whats in system restore and create a new system restore. Then see if it’s still there.

If it’s still there, go to download.com and download “hijack this” then run it

post the results on here

Malwarebytes detects it as Spyware.OnlineGames. Run comodo full scan and malwarebytes problem solved.