FP on TrojWare.HTML.Exploit.Codebase.~Exec[at]226875254 ?


I got after the last update of comodo on IE9 when i open hotmail site or youtube popups with warning of 2 virusses.


Are these false positives? It’s verry annoying if they are.

Thanks in advance.


Attached screens.




for full image http://www.fcs.nl/comodo/falselist.jpg

Hello rob-e,

Thank you for reporting this. These have already been confirmed as a False Positive detections and they will be fixed in our next few updates.

Best regards,

Thank you for the fast response.

Now i know that so i use firefox for a while till next update.

Thx again

I’m getting false positives since the last Comodo update.
The above link generated a ewh@226922441 false positive.

They are confirmed false positives as can be seen in the above reply by FlorinG. Just wait a bit until it is fixed.

Ok, all we need to do is wait, right? There’s no temporary workaround?:slight_smile:

Some of the f/p’s can be worked around by switching to Firefox or Opera.

I’m getting these on youtube, virgin media, yourdailymedia, in fact anything with a few ads on it. I am getting very sick of comodo now with the frequency that this kind of thing happens. It just wastes a huge amount of time. How many times has your house alarm gone off? I bet is was only dust or a spider. Antivirus systems are now paranoid to the extent that it’s impossible to work. Just be careful where you click and keep frequent backups. I’m thinking of dumping this one and trying something else and hoping it’s not too paranoid.

avast did it with system files…what would you say about that?
Nobody is perfect…use Firewall only or turn AV off instead.
Users migrate very often…

Hi all,

Comodo will be issuing an AV update in approximately 30 minutes (from the time of this posting) to correct the FP issues.

Ewen :slight_smile:

AV update 9300 has been released and appears to have fixed the FP issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <9300> of Comodo Internet Security Version<5.5.195786.1383> and confirm it.