FP Nitro PDF reader


I did a manual scan and i got this FP (screenshot).
It is weird because in VT, comodo did not detected anything and it was the same database (screenshot).
I have submitted through CIS5.



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yes because runpe is corrupted, i doubt is a false positive

Hi Peter5,

This file has been confirmed to be corrupted file,which is the reason for detection.If you wish to have the file further, you can add it your Exclusion list.


Thanks MOVEAX and haja.

But can anyone tell what that means: is it a false positive or malware. Should i delete or not.
For what i understood from haja, it is not malware. But why should the antivirus detect it? Is it because when a file is corrupted that could have happen because of a virus? the next time i get a corrupt file what should i do?
Can anyone answer me this, and the next time this happens i won´t have to bother anyone.

Many Thanks