FP - libmmd.ddl in Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2 via Steam distribution service, installed via DVD.

File detected “libmmd.dll” in Dawn of War 2 base folder :o
Detected as “Heur.PEBomb” via Real-Time scanning, medium. >:(
database 1133

Kaspersky Online Scanner picks up nothing. 88)

Now, I need steps to make sure this does not break my game and force me to install the entire 3.6GB straight from the internet. I’m running on limited bandwidth as is…

EDIT: Unable to zip/rar the file due to Comodo not allowing it. I have sent it via the PRoactive Defense Review window.

Hi Katrus,

May i know the version of CIS you are using. The reported false positive, “Heur.Pck.Pebomb”, belongs to Release V 3.8. This heur False Positive was fixed in Software release CIS 3.9.

Note: The CIS v3.9 is still in Beta.


3.8.65951.477 <— Thats my version. Real time scanning found it on medium, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like