FP In Renoise.exe?

Hi, I seem to have come across a problem with a music production program called Renoise (specifically v2.7), where upon attempting to run it the .exe is quarantined and the following is displayed in Comodo:


The program is direct from the developers website, and I scanned the zip file prior to installing and nothing was detected. I have used this program for years and didn’t have any issues on Win XP a few weeks ago. I’ve just put together a new machine with Win 7 and I’m reinstalling software.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello eidetic,

Please submit the detected file as False Positive using the following link:

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Hi, I can’t find it since Comodo has quarantined it. However I attempted to submit the file via the submit button Comodo and it says the file is too big.

Edit: I restored the file but it is about 18mb in size. Too big to submit via the link you’ve given me.

you could copy the offical website or the download page.

Well, I actually downloaded the demo version to see if that caused a problem and it didn’t trigger an alert in Comodo. I may actually post on the Renoise forums, as the registered copy I have is linked to my account to prevent piracy so I wouldn’t want cause a problem for myself.

Thanks though!

Disable AV and restore it from quarantine.
Submit it and re-enable AV at the end.