FP & Few Info

Samsung S Duos

QR Barcode Scanner is detected as malware, I think its FP so I added it to trusted lists. But then its detected as Push Advertising & again I added it to trusted lists.

Now QR Barcode Scanner appears 2 times in the trusted lists, 1 for malware & 1 for push advt.

Is this 2 instances normal?

And when it was detected as malware & added to trusted lists, how it was detected as push advt coz I thought trusted lists are not scanned? Or malware & push advt are 2 different scans so malware detection added to trusted lists will be ignored for malware scan but the same app will be scanned for push advt even though it is in trusted lists? Or this is a bug?

And I think if an app is detected as malware & push advert both it should be detected in the first scan itself as malware & push advert both with little info so that it needs to be added to trusted lists only once & it should appear in the trusted lists as malware & push advt both i.e 1 instance only for both with the mention malware & push advert.