[FP]: DziobasPlayer.exe reported as Malware

I’m running DziobasPlayer to play video from rar files without the need of extraction the video file inside. It has been running smoothly until I found that CIS (AV+FW) has removed the .exe file when I tried to play a video a few days ago.

I don’t know the name of detection as I’m using other computer which does not have Comodo AV installed (only firewall), I attached the .rar file though.

I could not seem to be able to find CIS database number either. If it’s really needed, please tell me how to find it.

I hope there’s a work around soon I’ll have to opt for another stand-alone AV than Comodo AV.

Thanks !

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Hi naeco,

Can you please confirm with our latest updates?
Thanks for reporting FalsePositives.

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks a lot ! The software works again after the latest update!

Really appreciate the good work!!

Cheers !