FP at BLMinstall277.exe

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One FP from Bluetack’s BlockList Manager installer, BLMinstall277.exe (or something like this), see what it is at Bluetack Internet Security Solutions and download the installer from http://blocklistpro.com/download-center/blocklist-manager/

reported: Application.Win32.BLM.~A[at]8800800

Already reported/sended to: malwaresubmit[at]avlab.comodo.com :wink:

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edit: CIS v477, VSDB: 1046

Hi AeoniAn,
FYI: Application/Applicunsafe/ApplicUnwnt are keywords used to term samples as potentially unwanted/dangerous application. Not been termed as malware.
So these samples are to be used by the user under their own risk.
If you are using this application with your knowledge , then you can exclude the samples from scanning. There is an option available in CIS for file exclusion.

Thanks for reporting .

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Hi Sureshk, I assume you know this, but your wording there makes me wonder… Are you aware that the files on the list are in fact not excluded from scanning? They are still scanned, they just don’t show an alert. Is this by design?

If so, “ignore” is a better name for the list than “exclusion”, as the very definition of the word exclusion is to leave something out. As the file is indeed still scanned, it isn’t actually “excluded” from a scan as you just stated. (And as the help file says…)

Whereas the term “ignore” would simply imply that the file is ignored during a scan, not actually left out of a scan.

Thanks for those replies!

I didn’t previous search for BLM before posting… I’vd founded it without being logged at the forum and then sended to Comodo… after that I thought it would be nice to post here… MY “MISTAKE”. My brains doesn’t think in all possibilities all the time… (( hahahaha… ))


IS this installer an "potentially unwanted/dangerous application" ?? REALLY?? What harm it can do? Windows itself is most dangerous… not speaking of MSN, IRC, ALL E-MAILS CLIENTS…

I don’t agree at all with this statement AND with some COMODO “indian-translated” definitions (indeed HeffeD’s post). SORRY. If english should be an universal language, speak english.

AND, if so, why in hell they don’t use an “understandable” message? If not, they must exclude this and others FP already posted, commonly used by MANY earthman ppl. ???