Four important AV additions needed

I have been doing some testing on the ability of CIS to clean a infected computer. What I have been doing is infecting the pc and then installing comodo.

First off it needs to protect the install, I have had many times when the malware would stop CIS from installing. Other AV companies have install protection, this needs to be added.

Second, it needs to have the ability to remove files on reboot. I had a root kit that it found but because it was active CIS could not remove it. There needs the ability to remove infected files on reboot.

Thirdly it needs that ability to reapir patched windows files. I had a TDSS rootkit that patched a windows driver and CIS could not do anything about it.

Fourth is that any files that is quarantined by comodo needs to be packed and encrypted so there is no chance for it to get out. This will do two things, by packing it, it will be smaller when you want to submit the file and by encrypting it, as we all know windows files are never gone they are still on the hard drive and there is always a change to find them again. Encryption stops the chance of a file from reinfecting your pc.

I think these three additions alone could really make comodo much more capable at fixing an infected PC.


Nice work Languy.

:-TU +1

Also , disinfecting ability in case if the computer was infected with a patching virus , e.g. sality, mabezat etc etc . !

Great job LanGuy!! :-TU

good work Languy!

Thanks Melih, I hope the devs implement these suggestions.

I would add (better) registry cleaner to this list… also where is video of testing?

no video just personal testing here.

These suggestions should be held in high priority by the development team.



these are all very important additions to “Cleaning” aspect of our products.

As you guys know, Comodo focussed on “prevention” to “keep a clean pc clean” hence we didn’t need these technologies.

now that we are focussing on “cleaning an infected pc” you will see these feature more and more…

But as always, nothing better than a geek to scan manually to make sure all is good…cos no AV will know all the malware you have in your computer.


It would not surprise me at all if a future version of CIS actually included an ultra comprehensive “GeekScan” feature…


would you like that?

Comprehensive Comodo ‘GeekScan’ could be a much improved option to using the time and resource consuming combination of half a dozen different on demand Malware scanners that is usually recommended here on the Forum in order to get definitive results!


avast does not have it also.

I think avast boot time scanning could handle this. Also the GMER technology incorporated gives it a very good detection on rootkits.

Any other software that gives us good cleaning to compare?
Dr. Web? Avira?

I have found that MSE does a good job of removal of a lot of things . With rootkits I don’t know how it does. I like the suggestions that Languy proposed a lot.

the best two cleaners in my opinion is Dr. Web and Kaspersky.

EDIT: there are two reasons they are the best. They have very good signatures ( incorporating what I said in the first post) and they have a liveCD linux based scanner that can clean out everything they detect.

Thanks languy.

I have another edition, I added to my original post.