Found where the problem is - Comodo firewall pro 3.0

(:AGY) The four icons that kept disappearing are all present now. Comodo Firewall Pro was the problem. (:AGY)
I have BOClean 4.25 installed without any problem, same for the following, WinZip quickPick is present, volume icon is present, RESXP (Random Event Sounds) is present. I have 10 icons on the toolbar but one is missing - Comodo Firewall Pro. That is the one item that has had me running ragged for six days or more (:SAD) (:SAD) 88) ??? :o :o

So does anyone know why this happening?? darclew3

There are many posts that claim Windows XP is actually the problem. In my case on XP X64 the BOClean icon will not show unless I manually start it after everything else comes up. You might just disable CFP autostart and try manually starting it when everything else is done starting, to see if the icon shows??

Consider it entertainment (:CLP)

Hi boys

Read this article :

Greetz, Red.

I also had this problem but it got a bit better with V3.0.17.304 and seems to be cured for good with V3.0.18.309. In my opinion it was something to do with Comodo as on my PC anyway if the Comodo icon loaded first on the task bar no other icons would appear. On my PC if they loaded in what I have always perceived as the proper order ie, i-touch volume icon,Philips sound card icon, Antivir AV icon, Comodo icon I never had any problems such as my AV not downloading daily updates and not performing the designated weekly scan which I had when Comodo loaded first and somehow blocked the others from appearing.

As I share this PC with my daughter,2 seperate admin accounts. Just after installing v3.0.17.304 I happened to notice one time when I signed out that when she signed in her task bar loaded normally. the next time I signed in mine loaded just the Comodo icon. I immediately signed out and in again and this time the task bar icons came up in the proper order. I continued doing this on signing in until last week when I updated to v3.0.18.309. The problem seems to have disappeared now. Sometimes the sound card icon will load before the i-touch one then my AV and Comodo in that order but the main thing being that at least they all now appear.

I used to have BoClean as well but when the problem started I thought it was a conflict between CPF or AV and BoClean and uninstalled BoClean. As my PC is working fine again since the last update I am in two minds whether to reinstall BoClean or leave well enough alone.Hope this helps.

It’s not CFP guys.

Missing system tray icons are an acknowledged MS XP issue. MS themselves don’t know why it does it, what triggers it or how to permanently fix it. It may never happen to you or it could start 10 minutes after you’ve turned your new PC on and even when it starts doing it, it’s not consistent.

Sometimes, there will be one icon that will never, ever appear unless you manually start it. Sometimes there will be one missing icon, but the missing one is different from one boot to the next. Sometimes it’s different missing ones under different user accounts on the one PC.

It’s an existentialist kinda problem.

It just is.

Sorry I can’t shed any light on this other than paraphrasing what MS themselves have published on the issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I read the link posted by Computerflyer and after reading the part entitled “The Ostuni Workround” thought that this could possibly have something to do with it as I for one continuously get the UPnP file added to the My Pending Files waiting for revue list. I thought that I would try the Ostuni Workround to see if it helped. I post a copy of the relevant part below. The rest of the article is in the link above in Computerflyers post.

“The Ostuni Workaround
2004-11-11 – Francesco Saverio Ostuni wrote: “… I found a solution for me that works perfectly. I simply went to My network Places and on the left pane I chose to Hide UPnP devices. This operation does not disable the service (which I need).”
To see this choice, you have to have Tools, Folder Options, Show Common Tasks selected.
This is still one of the most successful and not very intrusive workarounds, so you could try it first. I keep getting emails stating that the Ostuni Workaround worked well and solved the problem.
See also the subchapter on some more details below.”

I followed the instructions above but when I clicked on the Hide UPnP devices icon a box appeared with the following.

“You have chosen to hide UPnP device icons. This will also close the Windows Firewall ports so that the UPnP device software can no longer discover networked UPnP devices. Do you want to continue YES / NO.”

As I didn’t completely understand what it was telling me I chose NO and decided to post this here instead to see if one of you clever people can offer advice.

It means it will close port 1900 on your PC, but will leave the uPnP service running.

Worth a shot!

Thanks for that Panic. I gave it a shot and will see how it goes.

Panic, this is an unrelated question…so, sorry for asking it in this post…but is the “Case of the Missing Tray Icons” an ongoing problem/issue in Vista?

BTW, I’ve kept this bizarre issue at bay in XP by running CCleaner and Glary Utilities and then defragging the HD and registry. So far, I get all 30 of my tray icons to show up about 90% of the time (:LGH)

30…what r u nuts. I only have 3 things that load in my systray. Comodo,NOD32 and my Logitech Software stuff.


I’d pray for the problem to appear.

30 isn’t that a big deal if you have the right hardware (:WIN)

or a R E A L L Y wide monitor! :slight_smile:

There would be little sense in having 30 system tray icons so you can do lots of things quickly and easily, if most of them are hidden and require an additional mouse click to see and then activate. I was thinking more of the efficiencies and ergonomics, not the technical capablility to actually do it.