found threats don't trigger popup for decision

hi guys.
I have unchecked “do not show Antivirus alerts”,
but when the try to execute certain “infected” files I never get to choose whether I want to have it blocked or ignored…
Quite annoying when you want to install something and suddenly the file is gone or quarantined without being able
to choose.
Did I miss some setting elsewhere?!?
I also have checked “show notification messages” in the User Interface tab btw.

Yes the block and quarantine where file reputation is malware auto-sandbox rule listed under settings > sandbox > auto-sandbox.

but I have DISABLED auto-sandbox.
just running Antivirus, Firewall, Viruscope.
does the sandbox rule apply to antivirus decisions too even if disabled?

Sandbox rules do not apply when auto-sandbox is disabled. There are two more “Do NOT show popup alerts” settings that you should see if they are enabled or not, one under viruscope settings and the other under file rating settings, make sure both of these are disabled/un-checked.