Found this interview about Comodo and have a question. [closed]

Will I still be able to use Prevx as a HIPS program if I have Comodo Firewall Pro 3? Or should I uninstall Prevx and use the HIPS in Comodo?

It depends on what kind of HIPS CFPV3 includes. So far, the ones in CAVS are rather disappointing compared to, for a random example, Spyware Terminator’s. It all depends on how many HIPS and how effective those HIPS are.

Taking a look at CAVS, though, I’d say keep Prevx until professional testing on the HIPS that CFPV3 offers has been done.

cheater87, I thought you already made your decision here:,6454.msg47787.html#msg47787

Since CPF 3 HIPS will be optional, what is there to worry?

Oops sorry forgot about that. I have bad memory. You can delete this topic if you want.