Found something fun in the registry

I was checking my registry for old keys to un-installed softwares, and found some. Then I started to look thru the other parts of the registry and came to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Watchdog\Display, and found something called ‘ShutdownCount’, so it looks like Windows monitor how many times you’ve shutdown your computer ;D
Mine’s at 458 if you wanted to know :wink:
I don’t know what it’s needed for tho. Anyways, it’s always nice to know how many times you’ve shutdown your computer ;D


352 shutdowns here ;D

Although why exactly windows needs to know that… ???

Mine states: 1348, but that’s in hexadecimals because that’s the default for DWORD registry values. The real number should be in the decimal format, which equals 4936 times. That sounds more like it (I think).

Edit: Why do I have a string value named DeviceDescription in this registry branch and the value is RADEON 9000 Series (my video card)?

maybe because that’s the description of the device in question? (:TNG)

seriously though, I’ve no idea. my fx card also appears under that key.

fake edit~ it does kinda make sense though, as the key is “display”.

re the no. of shutdowns, 352 does sound right to me, I’ve had this pc for about 7 months, with a fair few reboots along the way…

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62 times here :smiley:

I got Radeon 9550, but I got nothing called ‘DeviceDescription’, only got EaRecovery, Shutdown, ShutdownCount and the Standard. I’ll mail Microsoft Support and see if they can give me an answer to why they keep track of how many times I’ve shutdown my computer ;D


Mail? Microsoft?

You mean through the old pigeon delivery with the dollar bill attached?

No I meant Electronic Mail aka E-mail :wink:
Also to my defence, HotMAIL, Windows Live MAIL, notice both use MAIL and not E-MAIL :wink:
Maybe they print what you send, then they send it with a pidgeon, who knows what Microsoft’s doing? ;D


Exactly. Just look at qwerty’s scary-looking signature. :o