Found - Possible Clue to Comodo Firewall BSOD

I may have stumbled upon a clue for all the BSOD cases with Comodo Firewall, or maybe not. Those of you who are more able technically than I am can check this out.

My PC is just a standard Dell with Windows XP Home Edition. No interesting software, or configuration.

Every time I installed Comodo Firewall, either at reboot after install or within an hour after, I would get that BSOD/Stop Error that is all the posts I’ve been reading. The XP Security Center would also say that Comodo was still on even after it had been uninstalled. Temporarily, I had been using the latest ZoneAlarm untill someone posted an answer or Comodo posted an update or patch. But I decided to try once more.

After uninstalling ZoneAlarm and removing it from the registry, I rebooted into Safe Mode as Administrator, located WBEM in the sytem32 folder and deleted the Repository folder and then rebooted.

Then I reinstalled Comodo Firewall as usual EXCEPT I turned off the XP firewall BEFORE intalling instead of allowing the Comodo installation turn it off for me.

NO BSOD :slight_smile: - Like I said, those of you who are more technical than me can check it out.

I know you’ve been on the forums for a while now, but since this is your first post, welcome to the forum ReflectedLight!

Thanks for posting the tip. I have never used the XP Firewall, but even if I did, I would’ve manually disabled it prior to installing another firewall anyway just to be safe.

Thanks for the reply.

After uninstalling Comodo or Zone Alarm the Windows XP firewall gets turned on automatically. Both firewalls will turn off the Windows firewall during the installation proccess. With Comodo there is a check box that appears during installation only if the XP firewall is on that asks if you want to turn the XP firewall off. This time I turned the XP firewall off BEFORE I iinstalled Comodo so no check box appeared.

Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

No, you were clear. What I meant was that despite CFP having the option to automatically disable the XP firewall, I find it safer to trust my own actions by manually disabling it myself. Of course, this is just based on my preference. I understand the average user (particularly the first-time user) wouldn’t realize this because CFP is supposed to correctly handle it.