Found Portable version of CIS Fire Wall.


I am using installed versions of CIS. Would it be unwise to offer this to someone to try out CIS Fire Wall. I would think that if it truly was portable that it could not protect itself.

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My initial reaction is one of concern as I have never seen firewalls made portable. Since I never heard of it it has me wondering if it might not be infected.

On a technical level it makes me wonder how this works. How does the inspect.sys driver installed as it requires a reboot. CIS will fall in its own sword after rebooting as it won’t remember rules from files on external devices. Assuming they changed CIS code to make it work, didn’t they also add malicious stuff?

Until further notice I am cautious and suspicious.

Me too.

Because of CIS’s drivers & kernel hooks… I don’t see how it can be portable.

I wanted to find out if this 82.84 Mb portable version of CIS 4.1 would scan clean or not, but the download requires a paid membership password so I passed.


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How about the word FREE on the right? :wink:

Clicking on the word FREE takes you to a page where they make you wait while you watch a 60 second countdown timer after which you are asked to enter a security code which takes you to another page which says ‘for your download click here’ and when you do you are taken to the wasteland of a perpetually loading page that never appears which leads to the realization that there’s no free lunch here.


Yeah, sure . :wink:

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Depends what you mean by “portable”.

Of course, and altough some softwares pretend to do so
(google “portable firewall”, e.g.:
i also think it impossible to run a portable firewall (except maybe in a virtual machine?), which does not mean that some security and/or port monitoring utilities do not exist as such.

It is, however, perfectly possible to run a firewall from a booting usb portable device (using BartPE is a good example), but it requires of course the ability to reboot the host computer.

That’s the wrong one. The portable version is called Comodo_Firewall_4.1_Portable.rar rather than Comodo_Firewall_4.1.rar. But, you can download it (assuming you allow Letitbit’s cookies)… however, it is a very slow download.

The portable RAR file contains a single 85MB EXE (which I’m not going to run) and a text read-me file that says the file came from hxxp:// (which contains many bad things… trojans, cracks, etc…).

edit: URL removed.

Since you talk about trojans, etc, and we understood that it is not an “official” release , why doesn’t any Mod remove the link? ???

The mangled URL is not enough? You wish me to remove this whole topic hullboy?

No, the suggestion was only for the link because some “not expert guy” could use it just to try and think it had something to do with the Official version :wink:

Which link? The first one or the hxxp one?

PS The results of CAMAS on the 85MB EXE (it took awhile)…

I also uploaded it to Virus Total, but VT failed to handle it (twice).

Isn’t there a size limit for VT? (20Mb)?

I believe that’s the email limit. Isn’t it?

Anyway, a “503 Bad Gateway” doesn’t sound like a size limit problem to me, I would have expected a more appropriate size related message. And 3rd-time-lucky just had the same result.

20 MB. is the file size limit regardless of delivery method.

Anubis is 8 MB.


Is it? Ok my error. Sorry all.