Found new Network?

I’m on a DSL connection, sharing internet between two computers via a DLink router (non-wifi) - After installing CFP 3 on both systems, the other system almost on a daily basis reports new network found and it shows an IP address which doesn’t quite make sense to me:
The IP on the other pc is and the new found network is listed as
Even stranger, the notification appears even if the other and main pc is turned off.

This appears even in case a third pc, a laptop, is involved and plugged in the same cable as the second pc.

Hope someone can explain this issue…
Thanks - Josh

The 169.254.52.xx means that the computer is unable to connect to a DHCP server and get an IP, so it assigning itself a default (nonroutable) IP. Are you configured for Internet Connection Sharing? Or using multiple dynamic WAN IPs? With a router, the WAN IP (69.224.59.xx) is usually assigned to the router and the computers normally have LAN (192.168.xx.yy) addresses. Sounds like you have a network configuration problem.

I think I’m beginning to understand…

From the router’ settings WAN is set on PPPoE. The DHCP is set on “Static DHCP Client List” with the MAC address from the first pc (where CFP never reports new network) and dynamic for the rest.
If I’ll “clone” the MAC address and assign a static 192.168.xx.yy IP, will this solve the problem?

Not entirely sure, but Internet Connection Sharing is not enabled from the systems themselves, only trough the router.

Thanks for the help - Josh

Why not just use DHCP? Set your router to get a WAN address from your ISP via PPPOE. Then let the DHCP server on the router issue the LAN IP addresses to the computers over whatever subrange you want. You can still give any of the computers fixed LAN IP addresses. Your router should have an address like on the LAN side. You can go to the NIC for each computer and under properties, give it an IP of 192.168.0.x, mask, gateway Or select obtain IP address automatically instead. Which D-Link are you using?

The D-Link router is a DI-604

There is a Virtual Server on the Router that always has an port open for a specific pc at (for example) and wanted to kind of ‘lock’ that in with the same pc all the time, to avoid confusion.
I believe the router assigns these 192.168.xx.yy addresses on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis?
I think your idea is better, didn’t knew it can be done both ways, to assign a subrange from the pc itself.
Also, the NIC (Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connection) is set to obtain IP automatically.


OK, with the instructions above you can assign a fixed IP on the LAN to each of your computers and that should work.

sded, appreciate all the help!
Followed those steps and now it doesn’t show that error anymore, thank you!