Found it while hopsurfing!


What did you find while hopsurfing?

pls share with us


I like the Surf with us button.

Some times it has very funny stuff and some times not so funny stuff.

Why you dont have a GF:

This i find funny;

have u tried the autosurf button?

right next to the hopsurf button (to the right of), you can simply click it and sit and watch internet.

(also did you pick your interests by going to options, and my interests ?) it makes the hopsurf much more enjoyable


One thing at a time ;D , going to make account, maybe you guys should make a video of whats it like to have a account.

oh yes… u have to create an account…just un/pw etc… thats all…
then you choose your interests… then you are ready…


The Auto surf option is good i like it. However it does tend to hit a cuple Webpages and Youtube videos that have been taken off or just sound blocked by Youtube.

Maybe you guys could tie the DNS service and SI with Hopsurf?

lol at the picture bellow!!! (found with HopSurf)
One question, does Personal Information show up on everyones page?

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there is a setting where u decide whether u want your information to be public or not…

Sure, the more users use it, the better it will be…did u set your interests and put auto hopsurf?


I just found that link, thats a lot of Personal interests to set.

Also there are a cuple of websites with some adds, that “want to see on HopSurf” “Only safe content” does not apply to.

I set the interests, and have been using Auto Hopsurf, been having some good laugths!
Grasshopper Pie:
Dick Cheney in 1994:

There should be a Make Me Happy button, that Just shows jokes and so on!

I like the make me happy button idea :slight_smile: we all could use it every so often :slight_smile:


Good idea :-TU

Reminds me of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky”, but Make Me Happy button is funnier.

I found this while Hopsurfing!


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