Found a bug in a chromodo

just write in chromodo: :slight_smile:

for(int i , j

and wait for a 5 sec

I copy/pasted it in the address bar but nothing happened.

I am using google search as a default.
Each time when i am search β€œfor(int i , j” after few seconds it start to scroll dawn all text below and it does not stop

it is like browser trying to load more image and it shift everything down

I used to have the same problem as you when I was searching for anything, but for me the problem manifested when I used PrivDog, so an google add (on top of search results or bottom) was having a bug and the add container (empty div) was getting bigger and bigger in height. To solve it I use AdBlock.

Hi guys! Thank you for your help (CLY)
It is known issue. We have already fixed it. I hope you will see the result next release :slight_smile: