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Noticed that currently the time stamp of my posts are an hour ahead. With the confusion with changes in daylight savings time, etc. There still might have been a software glitch here?

And as usual I am overlooking where to set the time stamp in my profile for my location.


Go to your profile

Then click on
Look and Layout Preferences

There you can set the time offset


Yep, it’s where Jacob has indicated. The server time does seem to be correct (running on US EST - 5 hours behind me on GMT).

Also, I’ll move this to the web site section.

PS Welcome to the forums Jacob. :slight_smile:

PPS I had quick peek at your offset time UncleDoug & it’s currently set to -1.


Clicked on Auto Detect and 0 became -1
at the next login the time was correct.


Thanks :slight_smile:
I feel like i have been here before for some reason (:TNG)


No problem UncleDoug.

Jacob: Really? Your post count implies otherwise… unless… do you know Josh? ;D


Well, Words/Numbers can be deceiving, :stuck_out_tongue:
I think i do, sound familiar, but why do you ask?


Oh… no reason, something just seemed familiar. ;D

But, you’re right this is !ot!. So, problem solved. Topic Closed. PM a Mod etc… ;D