forums login password reset problems


Please redirect to the correct forum as needed. I didn’t see where this would best go on a glance down the forums list.

I just experienced a problem resetting my login password. As it happens, I don’t have a secret question. I opted to receive and email with a link for password resetting and just got sent a link to a page that prompted me for my uid/em which in circular fashion would just send me another email with a link to the same page. Has anyone else experienced this and if so is comodo already aware of this? If there is a pre-existing thread on this, please inform. I am using IE8. Explicitly accepting cookies from did not appear to help.

Luckily for me I tried another password and recoved my ability to login to the forums. I don’t know what I could do if I really had lost my password but start another account. For me anyway, the password recovery mechanism look broken.

Hi zeelis

I just tested that process and the screen you are sent to is where you are meant to create your new password, that’s why you need to enter it twice (ie. it’s accepting your password change request). I hope that helps.

PS I’ll move this topic to here after you’ve seen it.

OK. I think I may have found the problem. The hyperlink seems to have prematurely terminated at a semicolon within the URL string. The rest of the URL was not included. When I pasted the full URL into my browser address bar, a different web page appeared. I am following up with my webmail provider. Thanks for the quick reply.

Ok, no problem. Perhaps, an Email client issue with the URL? [i]as you said… I’m a bit blind/slow obviously. ;D


Well, perhaps not so amazingly, the webmail help folks were not THAT helpful–referring me to the “administrator of”. … :frowning: … is a semicolon somewhere other than at the end of a URL within legitimate syntax?