Forums - In my Profile, I Cannot Edit Preferences

The good part - CIS 2011 v5.0.163652.1142 downloaded and installed without difficulty in this XP Pro SP3 system about 5 or 6 days ago, and the virus signatures updater runs fine and works flawlessly so far. Good job on the Installer for XP, thank you! (Unfortunately, Submit Files and Unrecognized Files do not produce useful results, a carry-over from the 4.x versions.)

The bad part - Logged into the Forums tonight, and began trying to edit my Signature in my Profile > Preferences section (my first foray into my Forum Profile since before the v5.0 was released), I encountered this issue:

When clicking on Preferences in the left-sidebar menu that is headed, Modify Profile, it lights up both the Preferences item and the Look and Layout item, and it displays to me only the section headed, “This section allows you to customize the look and layout of the forum.” The Preferences are not displayed at all, and so, the Signature cannot be edited now.

I’ll just Post this now, but I want to modify that Signature in the profile preferences permanently.

Please repair the Profile pages, thanks.

You cannot see this?

Checked permissions do not see any problems there, edit your profile is allowed

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Hi, Dennis,

Thank you, for your courteous and helpful answer.

I, at length, found the “secret” to changing my Signature block. The password slot that unlocks the profile for changes is 'way down at the bottom of the page it is on, and I think it is hidden too well, it ought to be conspicuous, at the top.

I hope that Comodo’s smart guys will put the password entry slot into the gray block at the top, where it says,
“… For security reasons, you will need to enter your (current) password to make changes to this information.” That sentence doesn’t tell us where to go, to “enter your (current) password”; thus, we need to see the slot nearby to the sentence.

Please pass this on to the right person and close this thread, or, please tell me how to contact the right person and then close this thread. Your advice is appreciated.