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hi guys,

just a bit of history, an be warned, I’m going to compare things that have nothing to do with each other:
a couple of years ago, I didn’t like Comodo main web site design, layout and looks… a bit later, CFP 3.0 came out with a look I really liked and still do as it’s the same in CIS. And for a while now, I saw the main web site design has very much changed and I do appreciate the design, it looks really good, example here:

Next step: could you please do something too about the forums, I think it looks terrible. I know SMF is free and doesn’t offer many options, but the whole way it’s organized, where things are located etc… + this general red all over the place, it’s really ugly. I guess you guys are aware of what the contrary of ugly is as you’ve been able to change things on the main site and in your product UI. Can’t you just do the same with the forums ? no offense intended, I think that’s badly needed. May be a switch to VBulletin…and if the database transfer is an issue, at least offer different skins in smf… thanks for your attention :wink: … oh yeah, new emoticons as well ;D

I would never want a change to anything…SMF are the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m fine with the current theme, but it would be nice if it was a bit more “related” with the rest of the Comodo site.

Comodo would probable have to make their own theme to have it go with the rest of the site…

Some close themes:

Not perfect though.

hey, thanks for the feedback, and I like this one :-TU

as said, I prefer VBulletin, but I don’t mind SMF…so if at least they could change the them for a nice one like the one you mentioned, I’d be fine with that :wink:

I think that one fits the best but…the tabs don’t seem to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

may be but the general colors and tones are really OK, and much better than what we got here, that’s already something.

The thing is, only admins can change things like this (I think), and they are only staff.

I doubt any Comodo staff would/could do this…

yeah I guess so lol ;D hope they will go through this thread and take our suggestions into account :wink: …they probably paid a third party company for the main site, but there are certainly plugins for smf which shouldn’t require much knowledge to implement…let’s wait to hear what they say, if they say anything…

edit: they could possibly use your work if you offered it, and give them a hand…just a suggestion (I’m not a web designer :cry: )

I think it company policy to not give any non-staff members the same powers as the highest staff member. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found that out when I tried to help the Comodo wiki. 88)

They wouldn’t let me have the privileges needed to do somethings. Lol.

no of course they wouldn’t, but they can still work with anyone without granting full access, there are degrees…

IMO this looks great.

Well…somehow or another it was against Comodo’s policy, and there wasn’t any staff active there to help.

Besides, the changes were too numerous.

Then I thought about that CIS help file. And how most of what I was writing was covered by it.

So I quit. :stuck_out_tongue: If other had been helping, and if a staff member didn’t have to approve all new accounts (88)), it may have had some nice, custom info that wasn’t in the help file (bugs and their fixes, etc).

But I couldn’t do it all myself, and as I was the only one working on it at the time…

I think it has been discontinued no ?

btw guys in the read me first sticky : Please Note: This area is for reporting known issues with any comodo website, examples include browser issues, broken links etc only
Please do not use for suggestions etc

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oops my bad,i’m the one who moved it there (:TNG)

lol finding out about this just now, because I originally posted it here already :wink:

lol Ganda :slight_smile: