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Many of us need to compliment you and your team from Keeping OUT most of the usual Spam Bots,
especially with the amount of daily posts that the Comodo Forum receives. (:AGL)

The instigators of SPAM are getting sneakier and sneakier, using bots and also using links in their signature or another word to link to a SPAM site. (:AGY)

With many forum administrators doing their best but still SPAM appears between system checks, creating a moment when no one would recommend a young teen sign on to check for HELP.

This same annoyance and frustration occurs to many that would like an open Blog that they can share.

Wondered if the Comodo Team could come up with software that can block bots, insure the poster is a live person (and block known trouble makers) scan and delete keywords, and links, besides being easily updated.

There are quite a few Forum Administrators and Blogs that would appreciate easy to use programs that could do some of this.

For using it, You could create a Comodo Banner for the Forum or Blog to display. (:WAV)

I know software will not catch all SPAM as they are always changing methods.
But not to forget, most important is the Hard Work your moderators put forth keeping this Forum Clean, Plus there are just a very few hours during a day that I have not seen a moderator logged in.

Melih do you think helping the thousand of Forums and Blogs CleanUp Spam, might provide another promotional avenue with a Comodo Banner. (:WIN) :SMLR