Forum unable to load?

My brother uses a forum to chat to people and every so often when he tries to refresh or load a new topic the firewall slows right down and it takes forever to load, what can be done to fix this?

Could it be the flash items on the forum page?

Try setting the browser to the same settings as in the screenshot below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Wont that leave it open to hack attempts and stuff like that as it appears to only be the one forum that does have his problem

This would make Firefox able to connect to the Web in anyway it would need to, as well as use any files on the system as it needs without prompting you or being blocked from Comodo. If a hacker were to hack through Firefox, then yes it could be an issue, but otherwise the same rules will apply when a hacker tries to connect.

So yes you would be less secure, but he would not be completely open to hack attempts.

Besides, that’s only the application. In order to gain access, there would have to be a network monitor rule to Allow an unsolicited Inbound connection, and Firefox would have to be actively running on that port, for that IP, etc. Provided you don’t have any openings there (network monitor) there’s really not much to worry about.