Forum Time setting [Resolved]

The time displayed at the top of Comodo Forum pages is incorrect: it presently shows 12:52 (US EDT time zone) when it is actually 10:52 EDT here. This is not so bad as the time errors last month, but needs to be corrected.



If you go to your profile at the top of the forums>>go to ‘look and layout preferences’>>enter -2 into the time offset box>>click change profile. This should set it to the correct time.


I didn’t mention it because the thought of Nick sitting on a boat in mid-Atlantic trying to run the server was just way too funny. :smiley: (sorry Nick).

pudelein: As Mike6688 has kindly explained, each user can adjust their individual time settings.

The base timezone for the server is EDT, and you can set the offset from this zone yourself.

There is also an ‘Autodetect’ setting for this, which will attempt to automatically find your offset based on your IP. If it isn’t correct, please enter the correct one in the box.


Well, thanks to whomever! The time now reads correctly ;D in spite of no changes (by me) to my profile. After reading the post from Nick, I went to my profile and found that it was set for autodetect as it should have been right along as far as I know! Anyway, my time zone (also US EDT by the way) is now detected correctly and the time is displayed correctly.

Thus we do not have to worry about Nick rowing back to Iceland or Greenland tonight! Thanks again,



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