Forum & Theme Upgrades

The forum underwent a software upgrade a couple of days ago, and the few bugs found were caused by the theme requiring an upgrade also.

The theme for the forum has now been updated and is visible for everyone.

Hopefully there should be no issues with the new theme, but should you see any, please report it to a Mod or Admin. Include as much information so we can replicate and fix the problem.


I like the new look and feel of the forums. They now have a “finished” look to them.

Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

(B) Lee

Perhaps one small problem , what new theme? ??? Sorry , just to conclude this, my comodo looks the same here. Not sure why though.

Thank you,


Paul: The theme is identical really, except for some subtle changes with icons and graphics.
You’ll also notice the ‘News’ section at the top of the forum is slightly different too.


Ok, lol. I noticed these changes. I thought you meant a whole different theme, so I was scratching my head going, what the heck? Makes sense, and the changes do look great.

Thanks again, Paul

Really like the new changes :slight_smile:

(:KWL) Really impresive the new look. Great work (:CLP)

Love the smileys. Did you create them or add them? Either way, an excellent addition! Can you make little versions of moderators ? loll. (kidding). Great job.




I love the forum after the upgrade. Look prettier to me. :wink:

Yours truly,

Nice upgrade!