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I’ve used Adblock Plus for months with main browser FF - now FF Quantum, w/o any problem

Just notice this morning that I couldn’t reply to a post with the Quote function

Went through the other extensions I have and found that I now have to disable Adblock Plus to use the normal Quote and Reply properly. Is this a change in the Forum software in the last couple of days, as nothing else has changed on this system?

No, nothing as far as we have been told.

It would be very unusual for something to be done over the weekend.


That’s what I would have thought, but Adblock was last updated December 13th and I’ve used the Quote function in replies several times since then . . . I’ll just wait and see what turns up

And today on startup - it’s all back to normal! Just one of those things sent to trouble us from time to time :slight_smile:

How can I install ad block and where i will get this?

Most people use Google to help them locate software and other items.
Have you not considered this an option?

Thanks for your reply.