forum smileys

When you are creating or replying to a post, the editing page contains 17 large animated smiley icons, right above where you’re typing. These animations are large, distracting, and annoying. I don’t mind the few I see while reading posts, but having so many of them in one place is driving me nuts! Is there some way to turn these things off, so they don’t display while I’m typing a message? If not, could you please add an option to turn them off?


Seconded. An option to display them below the post area, or to the right, would be great. Even better - display the first row with a button to show the rest.

You can add this directory to your HOST file:

here’s another one :slight_smile:



We’ve started a little moderator discussion about this, however, I’m thinking a poll could be useful. How about adding a poll to this topic?

BTW to test the admin stuff I tried putting the www globe in its own window, you can see it if you post a reply, click [more] (unless some mod changes this after I’ve written this post)

never realised that they were animated - but I have animated GIFs turned off by default and just tick the box if I want them on. Just tried - they’re quite sweet (:NRD)

So how do you like having just the (-www-) in a separate box, quite silly, isn’t it. ;D

Mods like to abuse their powers. :stuck_out_tongue:

where are those world cup smileys i saw? we have to wait till 2010? (:TNG)

I’ve added a poll for this.

The “pick a smiley” popup is nice. I would be okay with this, but maybe other people wouldn’t, if they use smileys all the time. I personally rarely use the graphical ones, though I do use the text ones more often. An inline javascript show/hide button would be quicker to use though – one click to show them within the edit page, and another click to hide them again. DHTML anyone?

If possible, I think showing or hiding the “list of smileys” would be best as a forum preference in your profile. This would determine if the smileys are visible by default, but no matter what they would be available on the edit page.

I made a few changes (hided large and/or slightly intrusive pictures, plus the ones rarely used), feel free to provide feedback. :slight_smile:

Me likey!

Is there a smiley for “big sigh of relief”? I’d use it right now.


Relief? How about :BNC

I’ve never bothered about all those smileys, but now when the change is done, I do think it’s nicer. :-TU I hope most people agree.

this one? ==>

LOL! I’m guessing that one’s named “I’m so happy, I could cry, after being traumatized almost to the point of death, and its too good to be true, so I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing is real.”

Its very Ren & Stimpy. I love it.

Maybe I should have used this one on my initial post for this thread, to describe how I was feeling…

But seriously, it is a big relief!


Hrrrfft. Someone moved all my smileys. >:(

I have limited mouse clicks you know. 88)

Someone should really take away your privilege to use that “smiley” in the forums… ;D

well, i want that smiley added to the list but then it will scare female member

yea…only when you use it though! :slight_smile: