Forum: Secure vs. Non-Secure

I notice that sometimes my forum connection is through a secure server (https, FF makes that easy to notice with the bright yellow background) and other times it is not (http). Are there a limited number of secure connections? I’m just curious - nosey, aren’t I? ;D

Hi Jahn

It depends how you got here… if you followed a URL in a email notification (or that someone else posted on the web), then it depends on what the last poster used (HTTP or HTTPS). For instance your topic is not HTTPS, but if I choose HTTPS and then replied, the email notification URL would show HTTPS. So, if you followed that URL back here then you’d also be using HTTPS. There are no limits of SSL connections that I’m aware of. It’s just down to user choice.

You can toggle between HTTPS/HTTP by using the little white padlock (top tight of pages) under the words “Welcome to the Comodo Forum”.

HTTPS demonstration post.

Wow, Kail. I notice a remarkable difference betwen your last post here and the one that proceeded it. I think one of them is longer (:TNG)

Unless you have the “forever” option enabled, each time you manually login into this forum, it switches to https.

Thank you both for great answers! I always access the forum with a FF bookmark, but I frequently open other forum pages with right-click>Open Link in New Tab. I think that’s how I end up on secure pages, and if I sign out, sign in it must remember my last state (cookie maybe?). While playing with the padlock, I see that my auto sign in info is retained at the bottom of the front page in either mode, but is only at the top of the page while in secure mode. Interesting…I’ve learned a thing or two or three. Thanks again - y’all are awesome! ;D

I always enter the site securely, so when I paste links for people, they are secure too. Not that it matters in my opinion, it’s not that we’re making bank transactions at the Comodo forums, but it’s a cool feature since this is a security company. :smiley:


I think https is slower because of the security checks. That’s why I don’t use it and I don’t sense that my computer would be hijacked through this forum from not using it (:TNG)