Forum rules on attachments

I would like to suggest to the administrator/moderator of these forums that some sort of limits be put on the attached banners that many posters seem to like. In particular, the large animated images which take up a large portion of the total message area are very distracting, wasteful of both bandwidth and screen real estate and tend to defeat the primary purpose of the forum which is to exchange information.

I appreciate the fact that many forum members are excited (rightly so!) about the software which COMODO is developing but there seems to be a contest mentality about who can devise the biggest and flashiest image to decorate their messages.


Hi johnb an welcome to the forums… Thanks for the feedback and I will discuss this with the other Mods to see what their opinion is on this subject…

I personally don’t have any problems with the banners/images and have created some myself but I do understand your point about the distractions and I know that isn’t the intentions of those who are creating them.

Another point I would like to make is that these forums were created not only to exchange information, but as a place where members could interact with other members, Mods, and staff and get to know them. The primary purpose is to exchange information yes, but if the forums were strictly application related, even as good as the apps are, the community were get bored very quickly and not many people would hang around.

Once again thanks for your feedback…

I agree with both of you, and Ryan is making a point with the interest bit… I get dizzy by my own signatures sometimes… :wink:
To help you out, there is a simple solution to your “problem”, Go to your profile and go in to “look and layout…” there you can check the boxes that suits your taste, like “don’t show signatures”, and off you go, to a cleaner forum. ;D
Hope this helpes.

Hi , welcome to the forum…

I have no problem with them. It gives me something to look at between 90 second intervals. While I have seen these for over 900 posts now, I am just being honest in saying, when I need to switch my attention to words instead of banners, etc…I find enough control to do so. But if bothered by them it is your right to say so, which is understandable and freedom of opinion. :wink: Also, with the bandwidth issue, there is a limit on characters for signatures as well and would think this was the reason for the limit, so we can only put up to so much. I too , don’t care for HUGE images so I whittle mine down 50% or so.

That said, as Aowl suggested, you can choose to see these or not and perhaps why this was put in place, to make everyone happy. :slight_smile: If you decide to enable seeing them, hey just ask, i’ll make you a fly by. :wink: Not a problem and once again, welcome!



Thank you Ryan, AOwl and comicfan2000 for your replies. AOwl solved my problem; I had not realized that one could customize the “look and feel” of the forum. I did so and find it much easier on my tired old eyes!


I’m glad it helped!