forum question

im just wondering why CCE doesnt have its own board like all other comodo products. i know its part of CAV kind of but i think it should have its own board instead of being under CIS

I have the same question. Hopefully someone will have an answer to this.

Honestly, I don’t have an answer but I kind of support the idea :slight_smile: :-TU


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it just doesnt make sense to me. if someone is looking through the forums for CCE and cant find it they probably wouldnt even think to look in the CIS board. they are completely different products so in my eyes should have its own board

Well, they are not that different, they actually complement each other, one is for cleaning, the other is for protection :wink:
I am all for a separate forum, but if it doesn’t, then I am fine with where it is now…

I would like to add Comodo Secure DNS to this wishlist… ;D

I figure it could get crowded on the forum…

True, another thing that should be seperated, for a dns help why should we have to go in CIS thread first?