Forum profile picture [resolved]

This is daft, but how do you put a picture on your profile?

I’ve gone to profile>>forum profile information>>and selected ‘I will upload my own picture’. Then browsed to the picture and opened it so that the location was entered into the box. I then clicked ‘change profile’ button and nothing - no pic added ???


Hi mike, what pixel size did you try to upload? Maybe try a 60x60. Hope this helps,tim

Thanks tim, it was a 75x75 GIF image I tried uploading. I’ll try 60x60.


Just tried a 50x52 image (1.79 KB) and still nothing ???

Hi mike, my current pic I had to size to 39x50 to get it uploaded.

IMO the limit should be at least 100x100. ::slight_smile: Maybe Melih will read this. :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll try a smaller pic later on.

Just tried a 46x40 and 45x41 size pic and as you can see it worked :smiley:

Thanks tim,
(R) (L)

Hi mike, this option to upload your own pic wasn’t available early in the start of this forum.Somewhere in this board I have a thread about asking for this option, so there probably isn’t any size requirements written ,just resize until it uploads. Glad it worked for you, tim

There does appear to be a size limitation or 50 X 50 pixels maximum size. 51 X 50 fails, anything below this works OK.

hope this helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks tim and panic for your replies.