Forum presentation has changed

I am not sure where this should be posted! If i’ve got it wrong, please accept my apologies and feel free to move it.

Several months ago, when browsing through Show unread posts since last visit, if a post was selected and read, then the back button was used to return to the Unread Posts, the post that was selected initially was identified by being enclosed with a thin grey rectangle.

Recently, the previously selected post gets deleted from the Unread Posts list.
This makes it difficult to remember where you were in the list and also difficult to return to the post after you have moved on.

Is there any possibility that the behaviour could be changed back to the original?


Hi jamarisk,
To me that sounds more like a browser change or browser setting.
Incognito mode with some browsers will cause similar or strange behaviour, please try standard mode if you are using incognito.
Please allow cookies and history or test a different browser if you have more than one installed.

It is a browser setting issue.

I dont think its related to browser or browser settings. Instead I think related to Comodo Forum.

Coz for me Comodo Forum works the way the OP has mentioned.

But Wilders, the watched post doesn’t get deleted from the New Posts section.

Hi Naren,
Did this change a several months ago as it did for jamarisk, or has it always been this way for you?

Thanks for your suggestions.
I did change from IE8 to Firefox some time ago but I can’t remember if this was when the problem started.
I have tested with IE8 and it performed as I wanted i.e. as originally.

I prefer to use Firefox as my browser these days, but I haven’t had any luck with the settings.
It is set to accept cookies. I am still searching for how to change from incognito to standard mode in Firefox!
I dont really know which mode I am in.
So for me it looks like a Firefox problem.

I mostly open the link with right click i.e new tab. So never noticed & its not that important for me.

This was accidently noticed by me. The day I noticed its been that way. May be app. 2-3 months back.

Thanks Naren.

Hi jamarisk,
I would imagine that you are not in incognito (Private browsing) unless you have specifically set it to do so.
Private Browsing Firefox

All browsers have different caching capabilities/characteristics.

I can not find a workaround for this issue with Firefox, I tried some tweaks found searching Google but the results are always the same as you describe in your opening post.
IMO it appears to be that Firefox based browsers are the odd ones out when it comes this issue.

Comodos browser (IceDragon) based on Firefox has this same characteristics as you describe.
Comodos browser (Dragon) based on Chromium performs more like IE in this situation.
Kind regards.

Thanks for all your comments.

I am now following Naren’s suggestion.
I open the topic by right clicking and it opens in a new tab. Then after reading it, I delete the tab and return to the Unread Posts list.
The topic has not been deleted from the list and is enclosed in a rectangle.
Solved. Hooray.

Glad to see you happy jamarisk. :slight_smile:
Tab browsing is the only way to go IMO, open as many or as little as you like and the original tab remains untouched until reloaded.
I can’t even imagine how difficult browsing tasks would be without multi-tab functionality.

I totally agree with you that browsing tasks would be difficult without the benefit of multi-tabs. Before tabs (some years ago) I remember having to keep opening new windows in order to browse effectively.